Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone


  Kidney stones are one of the natural and painful urological disorders that one encounters. NKF (National Kidney Foundation) has reported that one in six men have got the possibilities of acquiring kidney stones. Amongst women, approximately 5% people will be affected with this disorder. Family history also plays a great role in the formation … Read moreAyurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone

Ayurvedic Hair Oil Preparation Indication and Benefits

Hair Oil

Hair Fall, Greying of Hairs, Dandruff These are the common complaints heard in the clinical practice. This is a common query from the middle aged people. Do you think it’s for them? Then you are shocked to hear this. It’s for their kids! Whys these problems are increasing rapidly though we are eating a healthy … Read moreAyurvedic Hair Oil Preparation Indication and Benefits

High LDL cholesterol need not be feared anymore!


As an Ayurveda doctor, when I see the blood tests of patients, most of the times, I have felt their need to take some treatments for elevated levels of blood tests. Cholesterol is the most commonly misinterpreted value amongst the blood tests. Cholesterol is a necessary chemical needed for tissue repair in our body. They … Read moreHigh LDL cholesterol need not be feared anymore!